Dec.2023 21
No Silica Quartz Stone Innovation for Worker Safety and Environmental Sustainability
Driven by a pioneering spirit, Bestone is continuously expanding its array of products of Zero Silica Stone to meet the evolving needs of our clientele while prioritizing health and safety. The company's unwavering focus on innovation has led to the development of groundbreaking materials with exceptional technical performance, completely devoid of crystalline silica, ensuring a safer working environment for industry professionals.
At the helm of Bestone's innovative initiatives is a dedicated team led by their head of new materials development, Mr. Young. "Our primary goal at Bestone is to offer innovative and safer alternatives that eliminate the complexities associated with processing silica-containing materials, safeguarding the health of our workers," explains Young, who oversees the company's advancements in chemical technologies at the Bestone Institute of Technology (BIT).

Crystalline silica, found in various natural and industrial materials like granites, porphyries, and engineered stones, poses health hazards to workers exposed to breathable crystalline silica dust during manufacturing and fabricating processes. Acknowledging this concern, Bestone aligns its practices with stringent regulations worldwide and local legislation that specify exposure limits for crystalline free silica to ensure worker safety.

It's essential to note that minerals and stones containing crystalline silica, as well as finished products derived from them, pose no health risks to end users. However, prolonged exposure to silica dust among workers in production and processing can lead to severe health conditions like silicosis, causing irreparable damage to the respiratory system.

Bestone is dedicated to perfecting technologies and production processes within the natural-stone and composite-stone industry while upholding environmental standards and ensuring the health and safety of its workforce. The company employs equipment and machines designed with optimal water flows to significantly reduce fine dust dispersion, complying with stringent regulatory limits.

Moreover, Bestone provides comprehensive instructions and operational solutions for workplace cleanliness, advocating the use of extraction systems to prevent crystalline silica dust dispersion. When necessary, workers are encouraged to utilize appropriate filtering masks for added protection.

Innovating beyond safety, Bestone introduces breakthrough materials Glass Stone, a crystalline silica-free product for all clientele. This innovative approach reduces pollution caused by transporting ground quartz and promotes sustainable production by sourcing minerals from widespread sand deposits worldwide.

"Glass Stone, available in various colors without quantity limits, is a game-changer in the manufacturing of engineered stone, boasting superior technical, mechanical, and aesthetic characteristics," says Young. These silica-free surfaces ensure a safe working environment while being compatible with traditional machinery, assuring worker health and convenience.

Furthermore, Bestone's commitment to sustainability is evident in its investment in state-of-the-art industrial plants, dedicated to producing artificial stones on an industrial scale, enabling customers to conduct tests for silica-free surfaces.

Bestone's dedication to innovation and promoting alternative, environmentally sustainable technologies reflects its commitment to meeting global market needs. By prioritizing safety, health, and environmental responsibility, Bestone continues to lead the way in reshaping the stone and composite materials industry.