Silica Free Benchtop

Following the Australian Federal Government’s decision to ban engineered stone containing crystalline silica from 1 July 2024, we want to reassure you of our commitment to safety, quality, and our ongoing innovation of cutting-edge, thin, light-weight surfaces with our Silica Free Benchtops.

Bestone Silica Free Benchtop is made from Amorphous Silica instead of Crystaline Silica. Amorphous Silica has a stable molecular structure which is much less hazardous to human lungs than Crystalline Silica. The material is commonly found is glass, which helps erase any concerns or confusion arising from these recent decisions.

Ordinary users can rest assured that Bestone Silica Free Benchtops are entirely safe used in home and what's more do no harm to people who cut, polish, fabricate or install them.

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Bestone offers a variety of designs and colors for customers to choose from. While some designs are showcased on the website, the company has many more that haven't been released online yet. You are welcome to contact us for more details
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