Simple Quartz Stone

Super Pure Color Quartz is a very white black grey quartz colors with the most tiny grain quartz sands and the most expensive pure color quartz stone. It is a premium white quartz for Kitchen Countertops, Work Tops, Benchtops, Vanity tops selection. We can fabricate the countertops with very less waste on the slab material, with very competitive price for commercial or home projects.
Description:  Super White Black Grey Quartz Stone Slabs for Countertops
Quartz Color: Various solid color quartz stones
Raw Materials:  High purified 93% natural quartz powder,
7% polymer Resin and inorganic pigment.
Quartz Stone Size: 1.Slabs size: 3000 x 1400/1600 mm, 3200*1600 mm or Customized
2.Counter top: 48*26". 70*26", 78*26", 96"x 26", 108"x 26"
3.Island: 72"x 36", 96"x 36", 96"x 40", 108"x 44"
4.Vanity top: 22"x 25", 22"x 31", 22"x 37", 22"x 49", 22"x 61", 22"x 73"
5.Landry Tops: 25"x26", 31"x26", 37x26" etc.
5.Threshold: 6"x 72", 4"x 36", etc.
Quartz Stone Thickness:  12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm
Finish:  Surface Polished / Matt / Leathered, Edges accordingly to the design
Application: Kitchen Counter tops, Work Tops, Bench Tops, Penisula, Island, Bar Tops, Back Splash etc.
Bathroom Vanity Top, Laundry Tops, Shower Wall etc.
Furniture Tops, Table Tops, Dinning Table Tops, Reception Desk tops etc.
 Slab Packing: Strong wooden crates for tiles and countertops, bundles for slabs
12 mm, 20GP=170pcs.=7 bundles=26tons
15 mm, 20GP=140pcs.=7 bundles=26tons
20 mm, 20GP=105pcs.=7 bundles=26tons
30 mm, 20GP= 70pcs.=7 bundles=26tons
 Main market USA, Canada, Europe, The Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, South America,etc.
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