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White quartz stone kitchen Countertop yellow how to do?

White quartz stone kitchen Countertop yellow how to do?

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Because of the hardness of quartz stone, it is not easy to scratch, so a lot of people in the installation


When repairing the kitchen, we will choose to use quartz stone to do the cabinet table


Surface, but after all, quartz stone has no self-cleaning function, so White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop yellow how to do? Here and together to learn it


White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop mesa yellow how to do


1. Quartz is a very stable mineral with both physical and chemical properties


Production resources, and quartz stone table board in the main composition of quartz content up to more than 93%, so it is known as quartz stone. The hardness of quartz stone


Very hard, so generally not easy to scratch, also not easy to break.


2, White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop yellow reasons generally have two kinds, one kind


Because there are quality problems in the raw materials of white quartz stone, and


One is due to the formation of the day after tomorrow, because of the owner's use and maintenance


Not in place, White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop is affected by the environment and caused by yellowing.


3, some people will use strong detergent, the use of iron wire ball to clean up the stone


.Thick stains on the surface of quartz stone, in fact, this method of operation is wrong


Although the hardness of quartz stone is very hard, second only to the hard diamond.


Degrees, the general iron is difficult to cause damage to the surface of quartz stone. but


Is the use of wire ball back and forth friction quartz stone surface, then it will


.The surface of the quartz stone caused damage to scratch.



4, so when the White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop yellow, can not make


Clean with a wire ball and wipe with a 4B eraser. false


If quartz stone mesa discoloration is more serious, then you can use thin


Sodium water, paint for wiping, after wiping should also use soap


Wash with water, and then dry.


5, White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop yellow is mainly because of the quartz stone


Caused by iron oxidation, oxalic acid and hydrochloric acid can be used at this time


Wash the yellow area of white quartz stone, after cleaning, but also use


The phosphoric acid is washed with water. If phosphoric acid is not used for cleaning


6, White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop of acid and base generally have excellent corrosion resistance


So that liquid substances used in everyday use generally do not penetrate


The interior of the quartz stone. But if it hasn't been cleaned up for a long time or


Is maintenance, then quartz stone is easy to yellow.


7, the kitchen is more serious oil stains, if the cleaning is not timely


If so, the surface of the quartz stone will form a thick stain, want to


Clear these stains, then only need to use a cloth dipped in some clear


Water or it is soapy water undertakes erase to be OK, if necessary


Use a razor blade to scrape dirt off the surface.


The above is about the white quartz stone table yellow how to do in detail


Introduce, hope can help to have the friend that need. To prevent whiteness


Color quartz stone yellow phenomenon, friends must do a good job of stone


Stone cleaning and maintenance of the work, which is very important.

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