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What is the difference between artificial quartz for house and quartz for home cabinet countertops?

What is the difference between artificial quartz for house and quartz for home cabinet countertops?

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When buying cabinet countertops for house improvement, the most frequently asked by shopping guides is whether to buy artificial quartz stone or quartz stone. Many people divide them into two types. In fact, quartz stone is also a kind of artificial stone. Because artificial stone is synthesized with non-toxic and harmless raw materials, it is listed as a green decorative stone by the country and is highly sought after by people. Many people are still more concerned about the difference between ordinary artificial stone and quartz stone. What is the difference between them?

artificial quartz for house

Let us first understand what artificial stone and quartz stone are. Artificial stone is based on unsaturated polyester resin as a binder, with natural marble or calcite, dolomite, silica sand, glass powder and other inorganic powders, as well as an appropriate amount of curing agent. , Flame retardant, color, etc., a kind of artificial stone that is formed and solidified by the methods of ingredient mixing, casting, vacuuming and other methods. Quartz stone plate is made of more than 93% quartz sand, unsaturated polyester resin and other adhesives, mixed with ingredients, vacuum high pressure and high vibration, and kiln heating and curing. Of course, some quartz stone manufacturers directly use ordinary artificial stone production lines for production. We call this type of cast quartz stone slab!

What is the difference between their performance under our understanding? The artificial stone is seamlessly spliced, has good toughness, changeable shape, diverse colors, and soft colors, and problems are easy to repair. After using it for too long, it can be bright as new after re-polishing. However, the hardness difference is slightly inferior to the load-bearing deformation and the scratch resistance of hard objects. Artificial stone can withstand high temperature to about 90 degrees, but it should not be in contact with overheated objects for a long time. Quartz stone has high hardness, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, anti-permeability, resistance to deformation, and high gloss. However, special shapes are not easy to process, complex shapes are difficult to make, bumps and corners are difficult to repair, and seamless joints cannot be achieved. In fact, whether it is ordinary artificial stone or quartz stone, only suitable is the best, and you should choose the correct one according to your personal use range!

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