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What is Quartz Stone Lamp Base?

What is Quartz Stone Lamp Base?

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Quartz Stone Lamp Base is a high temperature resistant lamp made of high temperature resistant quartz stone as the lamp body material. It is usually used as a reflective part on the lamp source, made into a cup and bowl shape and coated with a reflective silver film. Commonly used spotlights are this kind of lamps. Quartz Stone Lamp Base is a non-professional name for lamps that use quartz as a glass bulb, including halogen lamps and other types of lamps. The Quartz Stone Lamp Base is equipped with a concentrating reflector to form a quartz spotlight, which has a good local condensing lighting effect.

Best Quartz Stone Lamp Base

There are two common Quartz Stone Lamp Base circuits, one of which is B1 for output transformer, B2 for oscillating transformer, Q1 and Q2 for switching tubes, the two tubes are turned on or off in turn, so that the primary of the B1 transformer generates alternating current.

When debugging the Quartz Stone Lamp Base, under normal circumstances, the total power consumption of the circuit is about 50W. When the voltage is 5V, the Quartz Stone Lamp Base can emit dim light. The bulb is open and there is no current in the circuit. If the current is large, the bulb is easily broken and the temperature of the switch tube rises. There are two ways to reduce current:

(1) Reduce the number of turns of the transformer. The three windings of B2 can be reduced by one to two turns.

(2) Reduce the number of turns on the secondary of the output transformer.

If the current is too small, the brightness of the bulb will be insufficient, so increase the number of turns of the B2 secondary.

Quartz Stone Lamp Base is cheap, continuous light, soft and gentle, the light distribution is extremely accurate, and the color is extremely bright. The continuous-light Quartz Stone Lamp Base is used for shooting with warm colors or slow and detailed sensitivity. The light source is a continuous luminous body, so in contrast to the flash light source, it can get more detailed colors by slow-sensing light. It's just that this type of light consumes a lot of power and is easy to generate heat, and the color temperature is also a warm yellow hue of 3200K. Because it emits continuous light, it is the most important light source when shooting movies and other dynamic movies. If you want to get a normal color temperature of 5400K, you can use the C12 blue filter to correct it.

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