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The judgment method of Gold Quartz Countertop

The judgment method of Gold Quartz Countertop

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Gold Quartz Countertop refers to the cabinet countertop made of quartzite. Its advantages are wear-resistant, scratch resistant, heat-resistant, can be a large area of paving, do a variety of kitchen and bathroom table, durable, is widely loved by consumers of high-quality home materials. But at present, the household market is a mixture of fish and dragons, and all kinds of inferior products are mixed. The editor will teach you the method of judging the good and bad, so that there is no escape for inferior products.


One way to judge: look


It is very important to judge the quality of Gold Quartz Countertop is the finish, because the finish represents the anti pollution. The simplest way is to use a marker to draw on the quartz stone to see if it can be wiped off. If it can be wiped off, it means that it has strong stain resistance. If it cannot be wiped off, it means that it has poor stain resistance. It is not recommended to buy it. In addition, regular manufacturers in the back of the production of quartz have inkjet, pay attention to see clearly the sign.


Two methods of judgment: delimitation


Hardness is to identify the wear resistance, the simple method is to use a steel knife, the key can not play the role of identification. Quartzite is made of 94% quartz and 6% resin, and its hardness reaches 7 degrees, while granite is made of marble powder and resin, so its hardness is generally 4-6 degrees. In short, quartzite is harder than granite, which is more scratch resistant and wear-resistant. Steel knife across, leaving a white mark is false quartzite, because the hardness of the plate is not as good as steel, steel knife cut the surface, exposing the white inside. When pure quartz is scratched by a steel knife, only a black mark will be left. It is because the steel knife can't scratch the quartz, instead, it leaves traces of steel. One black and one white, true and false.


Three ways to judge: burning


Because of its own material characteristics, quartz determines its high temperature resistance characteristics. The temperature below 300 ℃ will not have any effect on it, that is, it will not deform and fracture; granite contains a lot of resin, so it is particularly prone to deform and scorch at high temperature. Press the lighted cigarette end on the table, or burn it directly with a lighter. If there is no trace, it's the real one, and if there is burnt black trace, it's the fake one.


Four ways to judge: Acid


High quality quartz table top will generally add 100% high-quality aluminum powder, a small spoonful of edible vinegar can make all inferior artificial stone, Gold Quartz Countertop show the original shape. But other kinds of vinegar are ineffective, such as mature vinegar. Pour a spoonful of white vinegar on the table of artificial stone and quartzite. After 30 seconds, if there are many tiny bubbles, it means that it is fake quartzite. Because calcium carbonate in pseudoquartzite will react with white vinegar to produce bubbles. This kind of countertop has low price, easy aging, cracking, color absorption and short service life.


In fact, the simplest way is to look at the price. Because of the high quality of Gold Quartz Countertop, the price is doomed not to be low. If the price of "quartz" you buy is less than 700 yuan per linear meter, you have to carefully look at whether it is granite or quartz.

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