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Six points for attention in purchasing Quartz Stone Top

Six points for attention in purchasing Quartz Stone Top

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What are the benefits of Quartz Stone Top?

Quartzite is a kind of synthetic stone made of quartz crystal. Because the main material is quartz sand, quartzite has high density, high hardness, and is not easy to scratch. Similarly, its permeability and water absorption are poor. The good performance of quartzite has become the first choice in today's kitchen.


How to distinguish true and false Quartz Stone Top?


1. See if quartz is scratch resistant


94% of quartzite is composed of quartz. According to the monitoring, its hardness is comparable to that of diamond, while the props in the kitchen can not compete with quartzite and are not easy to be scratched. So when you buy Quartz Stone Top, you can use a knife to scratch on it. If there is no mark left, it means it's real quartz.


2. On the permeability of Quartz Stone Top lampblack itself is more serious, in addition to the frequent use of soy sauce, vinegar and other spices, it is inevitable to encounter the situation of spilling. If the table permeability is good, soon, the gap on the table will be full of stains, breeding bacteria. The kitchen needs to be clean, and quartz stone can do that. So in the purchase of quartz stone, you can drop a drop of ink on the table, and then use a paper towel to see if it will penetrate.


  1. Use fire to see if the surface color changes


High quality Quartz Stone Top is very resistant to burning and high temperature. Under normal circumstances, the surface will not change after burning. If the surface turns yellow or has obvious burn marks after burning, it means that it is inferior quartz and cannot be purchased.


4. Soaking quartz with hydrochloric acid


Hydrochloric acid can be replaced by white vinegar. Take quartzite test sample and soak it in vinegar. If it is bubbling, it means that calcium carbonate is mixed in and reacts with white vinegar. This kind of quartzite can't be bought.


5. The cheaper you are, the less you can buy Quartz Stone Top has high performance and high production cost, so its market price is high. However, most people like to be greedy for small and cheap goods when they buy them. However, they find that they are not so good when they buy them. After all, "one price, one price", how can they buy good goods when they are greedy for cheap goods.


6. Thickness of Quartz Stone Top Mesa


Of course, the thicker the Quartz Stone Top is, the better, but the thicker it is, the higher the price is. Generally, families can use 1.5, but some stones can't reach 1.5 as the merchant said, so it's easy to cut corners, so it's better to ask professionals to measure them before buying.

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