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Pros and cons of White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop

Pros and cons of White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop

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White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop is also an artificial stone. It is a new type of stone kitchen countertop artificially synthesized by more than 90% of quartz crystals plus resin and other trace elements. As the most common material for kitchen countertops, White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop has high hardness, strong abrasion resistance, and good fire resistance are its obvious advantages. However, due to material reasons, quartz stone countertops are relatively difficult to process, and the shape is too simple.

White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop

1. Advantages of White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop:

First. Durable. Although it is an artificial stone, its main material is quartz stone, a natural mineral whose hardness is second only to diamond in nature. Its hardness can reach level 7, which is far higher than sharp tools such as knives commonly used in kitchens. Therefore, kitchen countertops made of quartz stone have the characteristics of cutting resistance, wear resistance, and scratch resistance, and will have a longer service life.

Second. Dirt-resistant. There are no pores on the surface of quartz stone countertops, so it is relatively convenient to clean and has strong stain resistance. Condiments such as oil and salt, which are common in the kitchen, are sprinkled on the countertop, and they will not easily leave marks. Moreover, the quartz stone countertops have good corrosion resistance, and have good corrosion resistance to the acid and alkali substances in the kitchen, and the liquid substances used in daily use generally do not invade the inside of the quartz stone. Therefore, we usually only need clean water or professional cleaners for cleaning.

Third. Good fire resistance. Quartz watch contains 93% natural quartz with a melting point of more than 1300 degrees, so even if it encounters a fire, it can be completely flame-retardant, and there is no need to worry about it being damaged. Also because of this feature, compared to other artificial stones, White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop is very suitable for use as a kitchen countertop decoration, and will not burn due to exposure to high temperatures.

Fourth. Good decoration. Quartz stone combines the advantages of natural stone and artificial stone, with natural texture, smooth texture, richer colors and good decoration. Moreover, the surface is processed through dozens of complex polishing processes, and it is not prone to yellowing and discoloration.

2. Disadvantages of White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop:

First. It is not load-bearing. Compared with natural stone, the load-bearing capacity of quartz stone is not very good, and it cannot bear too heavy weight and impact. Moreover, if the quartz stone is damaged by external pressure, it will be difficult to recover.

Second. It is not easy to process. Because of the high hardness and density of quartz, it is not easy to process. The shape of stone countertops is relatively simple. It cannot be seamlessly spliced, it is not easy to make complex shapes, and it is not easy to repair problems and bumps.

Third. The price is high, and many people may have doubts. The price of quartz stone on the market is not high, and some even only cost 100 or 200 yuan per square meter. But everyone should be careful not to be misled by inferior quartz stone. The price of quartz stone, which is really regular and easy to use, is actually on the wrong side, at least higher than other artificial stones.

Fourth. Chemically sensitive, ordinary household cleaners containing bleach or acid chemicals will damage the White Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop for a long time, so be careful.

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