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Do you really understand quartz countertops?

Do you really understand quartz countertops?

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Many home kitchen countertops now use quartz stone, which is also a kind of artificial stone, which is more heat-resistant and pressure-resistant than the artificial stone in the past. It has almost become the mainstream of countertops nowadays, but I only hear the name and do not understand the reason. What are the advantages and disadvantages of quartz countertops? Let's introduce it today.

Quartz stone countertops are man-made. Its production process is to pulverize natural quartz sand, and then to purify it (the process removes metal impurities and avoids the radioactivity of the product), and then mixes the raw materials to combine the quartz crystals under vacuum conditions ( 90%-94%), resin (6%) and trace pigments are made into large-size plates through heterogeneous polymerization technology, and the surface is polished and polished in more than 30 processes. So you can do whatever style you want. The top countertop companies will develop and release according to the fashion trends of the Milan exhibition every year.

Product use area:
Kitchen: Because of the particularity of its products, it is mainly used in the kitchen field. It can be matched with different countertop colors and different processing techniques according to the style of the cabinet. Therefore, the professional degree of the cabinet designer is very important. The editor lists a few points that need attention. Let you know. The larger the kitchen area, the more prominent the countertop style and shape, especially the open kitchen. Through professional design, it fully demonstrates the artistry of quartz countertops, making the kitchen more integrated and a visual focus.
What kind of kitchen style determines the style of countertops. For example, modern styles can choose countertops with simple colors and simple shapes, and European or American styles can choose imitation marble, granite patterns and complex edges. The integrated kitchen design is one of the current trends in kitchen design. The perfect combination of dining table and countertop can be realized through professional cabinet designer design.
Some small processing details need to be paid attention to. For processes like sinks, it is recommended to choose an under-counter basin as much as possible, which is more integrated. Splashed water is not easy to drip into the cabinet. Side splices should be spliced ​​at 45 degrees as much as possible, so that no seams can be seen on the sides. .

Bathroom: Because of the material's anti-permeability, antibacterial, easy to clean and other characteristics, it can also replace marble and ceramic tiles in the bathroom, which can be used in a large area. This may require prior communication with your home improvement designer because of the design, construction process and kitchen The countertop is different. The bathroom countertop is an important use area in the bathroom. For some families, it is estimated to be used more frequently than the kitchen countertop because cosmetics and other chemical-containing items are placed. Unlike traditional marble, which basically does not penetrate, it is very convenient to clean. Similarly, the surrounding area of ​​the bathtub that encounters water and bath products every day can also be laid, so that it is more integrated with the bathroom countertop. In foreign countries, many designers will use quartz stone countertops to make integral bathroom basins, which are economical in shape, smooth in lines, and have a good sense of quality, but they have high requirements for processing techniques and are also expensive.
It is different from the triviality of ceramic tiles, and the seams between the seams will become black in the later period, and it will be difficult to clean up. The wall and floor of quartz stone paving are more integrated. Those who like the atmosphere saving style can try it. Its installation method is similar to that of marble laying. Method, the wall needs to be hooked and other technologies, and communicate well with the construction team.

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