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Calacatta Quartz Stone Countertop color matching skills

Calacatta Quartz Stone Countertop color matching skills

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1. Calacatta Quartz Stone Countertop is not just a simple color, it involves the function of our heart, and some overall layout issues of the home, this is the key; the cabinet countertop should choose the five-element fire or wood color. Generally speaking, light and bright colors will make a small kitchen appear spacious; low-purity colors make the kitchen warm, cordial and harmonious, and warm colors make the kitchen empty atmosphere appear lively. , Enthusiasm, can enhance appetite. In the kitchen countertops, we are more taboo against dark and other cool colors, such as black and blue as the color of moisture. Such a color can overcome the fire of the stove and easily lead to the poor luck of the homeowner.

2. Calacatta Quartz Stone Countertop's white-based countertop presents a simple, elegant and clean feeling. It is undoubtedly a good choice for those who like cleanliness and quietness. The contrast of white and black will create a pure and steady effect, and there is nothing to disturb the mind. Matching white with any color will give people a sense of surprise.

3. A good Calacatta Quartz Stone Countertop has a very smooth appearance without any blemishes. The poor quartz stone will have some point-like pits and the edges will be rougher. Hardness, good quartz stone will slip if you scratch it with hard objects, and no traces can be seen. The poor quartz stone will have slight scratches, and colored or even obvious scratches.

Calacatta Quartz Stone Countertop and cabinet quartz stone countertop color matching skills, the editor above explained a matching skill to friends in detail, I believe many friends know that kitchens, cabinets, etc., use light colors to visualize the overall space It will be a lot more comfortable, but according to some special decoration styles and color matching, the quartz stone countertops can also be selected in dark colors. The specific thing is the overall decoration effect of your own house. I hope the above information will be helpful to everyone.

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