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Bestone in VietBuild, Vietnam

Bestone in VietBuild, Vietnam

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Quartz Stone in Vietnam is considered as a newly sprouted product. As a tranditionally developing country, Vietnam grows with a regular speed seemingly ordinary yet with high potential. In the business field of Kitchen Counter Top or Overall Kitchen Solution, demands tend to increase with even pace.
Fortunately Bestone was in VietBuild from Mar. 26th to 30th, 2014, lucky enough to witness the transformation of the Kitchen Concept happening in every Vietnam people's mind. Tranditional materials such as Granite, Marble, or Solid Wood, Acrylic is no longer the sole option for kitchen. More modern buildings, apartments, offices favor the Quartz Stone. The product is new and unavoidably becomes a mixture of like and concern. The like lies in the variety and diversity of colors and styles, while the concern implies in the uncertain quality of the finishing and the product itself.
Bestone Quartz Stone's mission is to eliminate the concerns by providing high quality product and high quality finishing work. This will be a long term work for all members of Bestone.
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