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Bestone's Charity Event

Bestone's Charity Event

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Bestone’s Charity Event

A charity event can be a fulfilling project for anybody interested in giving back to the community and sociaty and raising money that will be used in a good cause. 
We Bestone Quartz Stone Volunteers coordinate with charitable institution and other participants, take advantage of in our area to take part in some unique charity of choice as always.
One of our client, Luis, comes from Canada, visited us and found all these BST Volunteers Award. He is delighted and said excitedly, that's why he was here and wanted to work with us and wiling to join Bestone Quartz Stone Volunteers in the next event. Corporation is not only an entity which earns money but also a holder of social responsibility. His words are really encouraging and give a very positive comment on our work. It counts on the continued strong support from all our clients and deep partnership.
Warmly welcome all friends who love getting together with us and many thanks for all attendees for a great cause.
We are sure that we BST Volunteers, a responsible enterprise will be on active station and hold on abidingly.
Let us do our best to achieve a better world!
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