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Sintered Stone Slab

Sintered Stone Slab

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What is Sintered Stone?


Sintered Stone, is made of Natural Clay, Silicon Dioxide and Feldspar Powder and other Inorganic Oxides, 100% natural materials. It's processed with a formula of special ratio, stirred and mixed, then pressed by a press machine of 16,800 tons, 72 hours with high temperature of 1200 ℃.


Impact Resistance & Abrasion Resistance

The hardness of the Sintered Stone can reach Mohs hardness level 6. Knives, tableware or any other metal will not leave any scratches or marks.


Zero Penetration

The water absorption rate of Sintered Stone is less than 0.01. Any stain cannot penetrate or leave stains or marks in it.


Fire and High Temperature Resistance

There is no worry of Thermal Shock, Hot pot can be put directly on the countertop without any problem.


Easy to Clean

Acid and alkali resistant. Daily cleaning is very simple. It has anti-corrosion ability for daily kitchen acid and alkali, daily chemical cleaner.