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Manufacturing process
Bestone Quartz Surfaces are produced and inspected by accurate and strict process management and quality control. The quartz stone slab manufacturing process begins with inspection & classification of all incoming raw materials. Natural Quartz Aggregates/Sands/Powder of 92% to 93% are mixed with Unsaturated Polymer Resin, Pigment, Coupling Agent and other materials at a precise ratio. The strictly monitored process of Bestone Quartz Slabs includes the following steps:
Feeding and Mixing
The raw materials (quartz, resin and pigments) are carefully selected, tested and then mixed together.
Molding and Pressing
The mixture is then poured into a mold and formed into slab sizes of 3230 x 1630 cm or 3030 x 1430 cm. It is compressed under very high pressure and vibrated in a vacuum, which removes all the air and creates a compressed slab.
The slabs are then moved to the curing kiln and heated to 90°C for 45 minutes which provides the finished levels of strength and solidity.
After natural cooling, the slabs are gauged, calibrated and then polished to a perfect surface finish in a wide range of colors and designs. 
Quality Control
Every slab then undergoes quality testing to ensure it meets our extremely high standards of color, tune and consistency.
The slabs are then labeled, sorted and tagged to meet different customized needs.