BST Volunteers Visit Senior People with Daily Food

By Gavin
Chinese New Year of 2017 is approaching, a traditional Chinese festival for all family members to get together with happiness and smiles. As we know some of the senior people who live alone in rural villages might have a worse feelings and more difficult condition in this special festival, on Dec. 31st 2016 we BST Volunteers visited those senior people in difficulty with some food such as peanut oil, rice, noodles, biscuit, preserved meat and vegetables...
Can you see how happily they are smiling? They are not smiling only for the food but more for the warmly greetings from us young guys!
We believe we BST are not the only one on the way of charity and we sincerely wish more and more friends would join us on the way!
BESTONE: Let us do our best to humble for a better world!


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